Wintertime and our special guest on board - Gocki the cock :)

Good morning to eveybody! :)


The wintertime has passed and we are already in middle of the new sailing-season 2013! How great it is! :)

The wintertime was full of work, daily things to do and in march we started refitting our lady for the summer. The wood needs a lot of taking care every year, and of course we do that with a lot of passion. We also have rebuilt the family-cabins and were just taking care of our lady very, very well! In a few days we will proudly present the new face of our M/S Sevi-5, we are looking very forward to it! :)

In winter Sevi-5 was "parked" on a boatyard, it looks very funny when all the boats are standing on huge sticks and you have to climb up leathers between 4 and 10 meters to reach up to the yacht.

Well, our leather was round 7 meters long. We had a special guest on board in wintertime - a cock choosed to live with us on the boat! It was so funny - cant tell! Of course we were feeding the cock every day under the yacht - but in the dawn the cock - we called him "Gocki" was climbing up by itself at the leather. Went to a box that we prepared for him, layed down for sleeping and - better than every alarm-clock - he was waking us up every morning round 5 am with his very loud "Kickerickiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii"... so funny! So we took him out of his box, were sitting him at the leather and he climbed down by himself again. In daytime he was visiting us as well, like checking - is your work going on...and went again for long walks around the area from the boatyard.


The day came that we went with the yacht into the sea - so what do do with the cock? We didnt want to leave him - so we decided to bring him with us for a few days and searched for a good place in a farmers-house or a house with a huge garden for him.


It was really funny how the cock enjoyed being at the sea - our "Gocki" is really clever and an extraordinary cock - never seen such a social behaviour between humans and a cock.


Well, at least "Gocki" has a very good new home now with a lot of nice chicken and also lots of space for walking around in the nature.  :-)


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