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Charter Information for frequently asked questions

What should I bring?

• A large bathing towel for sun bathing
• Swim suit
• Shorts, T-Shirts, warm clothes for possibly cooler nights in spring and fall
• Flip-flops (swimming shoes)
• Sunscreen lotion (SPF 25 and up)
• Toiletries (toothpaste, shampoo, shower gel, etc.)
• Sunglasses
• Medication for seasickness
• Sunburn lotion (Aloe vera gel is highly recommended)
• Your own snorkeling equipment if you are a snorkeling enthusiast
• A book or playing cards
• If you wear glasses/contact lenses, bring a second pair/set
• Your personal prescription medication in sufficient quantity
• Antihistamines for your allergies
• Antibiotics

Can I wear shoes on board?

The shoe rules are as such:
Below deck and in the cabins: barefoot only
On deck shoes with soft soles are allowed
High heels/stilettos are absolutely forbidden

Do I have to bring towels for taking a shower?

No, towels are provided in the cabins

Will we ever set sail?

YES! Our concept is to sail at least twice a week – wind and weather permitting

How about personal insurance on board?

The yacht is insured.
We recommend, that you purchase a personal travel and travel cancellation insurance.

Is smoking allowed?

On deck only.

Should I bring my own snorkeling equipment?

We have snorkeling equipment on board but recommend that you bring your own if
you are a snorkeling enthusiast.

How many crew members are there?

Depending on the cruise there are two or three crew members to ensure your well-being.
Always on board are the captain and the cook.

How often are meals served on board?

Our cruises (except Greek island cruises) offer full pension, i.e. breakfast, lunch and dinner, and tea/coffee with sweets in the afternoon. If you wish to visit the Greek islands, you may want to choose half-pension and arrange for dinner in the harbors where we spend the night.

I am vegetarian – can I get vegetarian meals?

Of course! Please let us know at the time of your booking, if you wish to eat vegetarian meals.

May I bring with me Nutella, cornflakes and other breakfast cereals?

Of course. Please let us know if you do so, so that we can have enough milk on board for you.

Where do we get beverages?

We have non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages on board. It is not allowed to bring your own beverages on board.

How can we get help at sea, if needed?

The safety of the guests, the crew and the ship has top priority. In emergencies help can immediately be arranged by mobile phone or radio.

Is it possible to charge our batteries for mobile phones, cameras, etc.?

Yes. The generator will be activated daily and at that time you may charge your batteries.

How much do I give as a tip?

In Turkey it is customary to tip at least 5% of the charter costs.

Is any medication on board?

Yes. We carry the most important medications and first aid equipment. But we recommend that you bring your personal first aid kit with you.

May I pay the deposit by credit card?

Yes, by Paypal Service. The balance of the costs needs to be paid to the captain in cash at the beginning of the turn.